chamber choir

Director  Patrick Craig


“The concert on Saturday evening was marvellous with
the choir in amazing, full voice – the soloists gorgeously, vocally immaculate and the conductor like no one we had ever seen before, completely balletic and romantic, drawing everything out of everyone before him.  The audience’s ovation at the end was tremendous – a real love-in with bouquets and repeat bows going on for ages.”

Congratulations to Patrick for his wonderful shaping of dynamics and phrasing, his lively tempi and infectious enthusiasm. The whole event was totally professional. The choir was on top form. Such balance between the parts and such a bright and sparkling tone!  The singing was accurate and poised. Clearly everyone was caught up in the very special atmosphere.  Soloists and orchestra were, of course, first rate. 

What a wonderful concert! The choir sounded fantastic - so strong and secure, one of the best amateur choirs I’ve heard singing the B Minor, which has to be one of the more demanding choral works.

“…thanks for a memorable and totally glorious concert.  It had that rare quality that left me with the sense of a New Beginning.  Spring has brought new life and an opportunity for repentance and all that means?  I couldn’t help but feel envious of those who have the privilege of creating music together; especially led by such an energetic and inspiring conductor.”

What an evening! I do hope you are over the moon about last night - it was a triumph.”

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