Temenos chamber choir was founded  in 1988 by Susan Hinks (Susan Haire)  as an intimate a capella early music group in the village of Shoreham, near Sevenoaks, in Kent.

Since then, the choir has extended its repertoire from  early music up to that of the present day, whilst still retaining a special fondness for Renaissance Polyphony. Concerts are held in the Sevenoaks area and further afield.

The choir usually has five rehearsals before
each concert, meeting on Wednesday evenings in Riverhead or Sevenoaks.


Join us! We are a very sociable choir and welcome new members. As the music we perform is quite demanding and our rehearsal period is short, you need reasonable sight-reading skills and a commitment to work on the music between rehearsals.

If you would be interested in joining, please telephone Kate Britten on 01959 523765  or email kb@shoreham.f9.co.uk to arrange an informal audition.

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